Nostalgic needs & Current cravings
You've been ruining everybody's lives and eating all our steak.

Anonymous asked: What eyeliner do you use?

MAC liquidlast 

Anonymous asked: What are you doing right now?

Listening to Blink 182 and trying on my Wheres Wally outfit for tomorrow night.

Anonymous asked: Post a stupid photo of yourself

I don’t think I’ve ever been more attractive 

Anonymous asked: What color is your lighter?


Anonymous asked: Underwear color

blue and black, oh the excitement 

Anonymous asked: Do you miss your ex boyfriend?

As much as you can miss someone you no longer want anything to do with. 

Anonymous asked: Whats the last movie you watched?

Dead Snow. It was fantastic 

Anonymous asked: Do you have any tattoos?

Not currently, I can never decide on a design.  

Anonymous asked: A song you've been listening to a lot lately?

Just Jack - Glory Days

Anonymous asked: Do you smoke?

I would love to say no

Anonymous asked: You need more pics of you on your blog, it's been far too long since we had an updated one

Hi I guess haha

Anonymous asked: Last 10 songs you listened to?

Pierce the Veil - Yeah boy and Doll face
Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut me up
The Amity Affliction - Chasing ghosts
Sleeping with Sirens - If you can’t hang  
Blink 182 - Adams Song
Motion City Soundtrack - Timelines 
Garbage - Blood for poppies
Bring Me The Horizon - Chelsea smile
Of Mice and Men - My Understandings  
A Perfect Circle - The Noose

Getting pumped for Soundwave 2013 :D

Anonymous asked: What do you want?

artichokes in vinegar, that would be nice

Anonymous asked: Anything exciting happening this week?

I start back at uni tomorrow, lectures here I come. 

Anonymous asked: What time is it, why can't you sleep?

It’s 1.49am and I’m lonely and full of thoughts of people and things that shouldn’t matter but do. So really I’m just being like every other person who has made mistakes and has regrets.